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statement of facts 事实陈述 网络释义 1. 事实说明 2. 事实陈述书 3. 事实陈述 例句: 1. We would characterize the statement of facts differently than others might. 我们陈述的事实可能会与别人的有些不同。 2. The statement of facts ag...

31. CLP container load plan集装箱装箱单 32. SOF statement of facts 装卸事实记录 33. B/L bill of lading提单 展开剩余81% 0 12 更多回答(2)...

A statement made or read before a gathering:演说辞:在集会上宣读或念的声明...A collection of facts or data:信息:事实或数据的汇总:statistical information....

选择document agreement:协议,双方签订的 document:文件、公文等 instrument:乐器、器皿等 statement:声明、陈述,自述等,有时可与declaration通用


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